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All the world’s a stage: experimenting with greenscreen storytelling:


Liberal Arts: Thinking Now and Then

Memory in Montréal: On (Re)capturing Leonard Cohen:


Most Mira – Project on Peacebuilding 2018

PoP Report 2018 – ‘Memory & Peacebuilding: Democracy and Post-Conflict Politics in Bosnia’:

Pop Blog 2018 – The Heart of a Pigeon, and other Postcards of Peacebuilding:


Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching

Bristol Wasn’t B(u)ilt in a Day – On Learning and Building:

Getting Creative in the Archive – University of Bristol Theatre Collection:


Tomorrow’s Company

Guest Blog – A Liberal Arts Education:


A Younger Theatre

Regional Review – Touching the Void:

Regional Review – The Mountaintop:

Regional Review – Chloe and the Colour Catcher:

Feature  Interview – Ellen McDougall:

Feature & Preview – Latitude Festival 2017:

Feature & Interview – VAULT Festival 2017:

Edinburgh Fringe – Blush:

Edinburgh Fringe – Wonderman:

Edinburgh Fringe – The Cat in the Hat:

Edinburgh Fringe – Krapp 39:

Edinburgh Fringe – Yōkai:

Edinburgh Fringe – The Hogwallops:

Edinburgh Fringe – The Marked:

Edinburgh Fringe – Equations for a Moving Body:

Edinburgh Fringe – We Live by the Sea:

Edinburgh Fringe – Bildraum:


Epigram (University of Bristol Independent Student Newspaper)

Arts – The Love of the Nightingale:

Arts – The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk:

Arts – The Dog and the Elephant:

Film & TV – The watches that made this year worthily (contributor):

Film & TV – Joy:

Film & TV – Sausage Party:

Film & TV – Suffragette:

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Film & TV – LIFELINE preview:


Noises Off (National Student Drama Festival Magazine)

The Iconoclasts:

Thick Skin:

Say it Loud:

Nothing is Coming, the Pixels are Huge:

No Human is Illegal:



he she they:


Ordinary Days:



Wyldwood Arts (Community Interest Group)

The Importance of Community Theatre: Process over Product: