The heart of a pigeon, and other postcards of Peacebuilding

A reflection of my time in Bosnia & Herzegovina, written for Most-Mira and CUNY's Project on Peacebuilding 2018: Democracy and Post-Conflict Politics in BiH. For more info on this exceptional course: *  I press my forehead against the window of our van as we enter Bosnia & Herzegovina. The landscape swills, filling my locked eyes [...]

So long, Montréal: on houses, homes and how to begin to laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again.

Phoebe:  i found it so weird being at home, because nothing had changed, and it was like canada was this weird fantasy world that i surely hands [hadn’t] lived in for four months but totally had like when the pevensie children spend their whole lives in narnia then come out and it’s the moment after [...]


day by day, train by train: the story of our European adventure Eagerly launching an early morning, I organised our bookings for the Vatican and nibbled on a cracker based breakfast. Once the technological deal was sealed, we set off swiftly and said goodbye to Kaila who was going to meet Serena. We arrived at [...]

Europe 7. Ciao Lerici, we beseech thee, Flo was not fond of your Iced Peach Tea, but each of us will miss your beach, even when we reach Rome Termini

day by day, train by train: the story of our European adventure And so went our last day in Lerici, which was naturally spent, rather than Lerici, out-of-town trekking in La Spezia and the first of the Cinque Terras. Our first stop raiding the local supermarket, we then explored La Spezia with our packed lunches [...]

Europe 4. you don’t know nothing

day by day, train by train: the story of our European adventure As Kaila and I didn't really sleep all night, feeling like a slightly over-proud and very under-successful martyr, I continued into the next day fuelled by a sickly chocolate oozing pastry (or two), meaning that I felt an inconvenient concoction of ill and fatigue on a very uncomfortable train to [...]

Europe 3. roothub

day by day, train by train: the story of our European adventure. ODE TO ROOTHUB Our hostel had reached its incredibly low expectations with the sweet surprise of a (hopefully small) bedbug infestation. Well, when I say infestation, I mean that we found one creeping and crawling about just on Kaila's bed. Dampening the inclination to shift the [...]